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Your Culinary Place Shared Use Kitchen

Create, Evolve and Share the Love

Your Culinary Place L.L.C. offers clients a great commercial kitchen for rent. This shared commercial commissary kitchen in Sarasota is centrally located and easy to use. Your Culinary Place Kitchens currently offers 3 separate kitchen set ups for your business.  We have a hot line with 4 ovens, 12 gas burners and a 24 inch char-broiler, perfect for your ghost kitchen to operate from.  Our Bakery Space has double stacked Vulcan ovens and 6 induction burners (with new induction cookware).  Our New Market and Cold Production Space offers our YCP clients a place to sell their creations in a retail market with many of our other clients as well as 3 separate Cold Production Spaces.  Additional Dry, Refrigerated, and Freezer Storage is available for both short and longer term rental. Your kitchen comes stocked with many of the items you need like assorted small-wares, pots, pans, catering items and more reducing your need to bring or store these items, saving you money. 


 Food Trucks

Attention Food Truck Owners !!! - Your Culinary Place is the location in Sarasota to use as your Shared Commissary Kitchen .  Food Trucks have easy in and out access for loading and unloading, unlimited potable water fill up, waste water disposal, ware-washing, trash disposal, packaging and oil recycling.  Your Monthly Fee of $250/month pays for all of this and   includes access for the standard hourly or monthly use of kitchen time per month. YCP is the perfect location for both Catering and Food Trucks in Sarasota

Your Culinary Place Chef Incubator

Chef and Business Incubator


In today's world we can all use a little help. Your Culinary Place is not just a shared kitchen environment but a place to help build and grow both you and your business. On our logo you see Chef Incubator. It is our belief that if you help the person or the chef grow, that at the same time you will find substantially stronger business growth as well.

Having 25+ years of Culinary and Management experience covering many different types of operations as a Private Chef, Business Owner, Culinary Director, US Treasury Food and Beverage Manager, and Executive Chef, Chef Gordon brings not only his knowledge of the culinary industry but his relationships with business professionals as well as local and national chefs...all available to help grow your operation and take it to the next level.


Flexible Entertainment Space

Adding to what Sarasota's Your Culinary Place offers its clients is also our Flexible  Dinning  and Entertainment Areas to provide many other additional services to your customers.  This space has a demonstration area for culinary classes, wine or food tastings, or demonstrations of any kind.  The remaining area will be able to be made into almost anything you could want.  Set it up as a dining room with separate tables or one big table seating 20 for your pop up ghost kitchen, clear it all out for a cocktail party for 40 or maybe a evening lounge with a jazz band, the options are endless. 

This upscale space is also for events for the community at large, so if there is a doctor wanting to do a seminar or a local group looking for a meeting space with (or without) a little something to eat at the end, great.  This flexible entertainment space is just that... a great place that can be made into whatever  you want it to be for your event.

How We Got Here

Having been in this crazy business we all love for almost 25 years has taught me many many things over those years, most importantly is the fact that we all need to give back to others.  The most rewarding times that I have had as a chef were those times that I was truly helping someone through food.  

Your Culinary Place was started for that same reason, helping others.  This is a place for those who are thinking or are making something great in your kitchen and Now you need a place to grow !!  In your kitchen you will find most everything you will need to grow your business, expanding your customers smile while growing your bottom line..... something we all smile about.

Custom Catering Services

Catering by Your Culinary Place

 Your Culinary Place L.L.C. offers catering in Sarasota like no other.  You have a choice in venue, do you want to have a party at your house or mine?  Either way our promise to you is to make you a guest at your own party. Chef Gordon will completely customize your event to fit your needs and budget as we utilize our new shared commissary kitchen space in Sarasota to create delectable treats for you and your guests .  If you want to try something new and different for your event then maybe use our commercial kitchen for rent to host your own version of chopped, set up a ghost kitchen or have a food and wine pairing.  Whatever the reason, Contact Chef Gordon today to schedule the best event you have ever been to..... Your's !! 

Your Culinary Place Catering

Rental Rates


Hourly Kitchen Rates

Daily & Monthly Storage Rates

Daily & Monthly Storage Rates

  Hours Per Month: Prime / Bakers

10-20                  $25 / $20

21-30                  $24 / $19

31-40                  $23 / $18

41-50                  $22 / $17

51-60                  $21 / $16

61+                      $20 / $15

Prime Hours: 8am – 8pm 

Baker’s Hours – 8pm – 8am

  • 10 hour Minimum per month

 Commissary Kitchen & Food Trucks


This Includes Access to the YCP Kitchen. Additional hours billed at the regular hourly rate. 

The YCP Membership Fee is $500 

This is a non-refundable fee

 One Time Rentals on a Case by Case Basis  


Daily & Monthly Storage Rates

Daily & Monthly Storage Rates

Daily & Monthly Storage Rates

Daily Dry Storage - $10/Shelf

Daily Freezer Storage - $20/Shelf

Daily Cooler Storage - $25/Door per Day

(2 Door and 3 Door True Coolers)

Monthly Dry Storage:

$20/month per 3ft. shelf

$25/month per 4ft. shelf

$30/month per 5ft. shelf

$35/month per 6ft. shelf

Freezer Storage - $35/month per shelf

Refrigerated Storage - $75 / Month / Door

Walk In Cooler Rates:   

$35/month per 3ft. shelf

$45/month per 4ft. shelf

$55/month per 5ft. shelf

Pear Souffle

Join the YCP Kitchen

Daily & Monthly Storage Rates

Join the YCP Kitchen

Starter Package - You want to get your space and get started but you don't know what you need.  YCP is here to help.  For $150/month (and your Membership Fee) we will guide and help you in getting your permits, licenses, insurance and everything else you will need to get your business off the ground. You will then be ready to Join The Club.

A YCP Membership -  gets you access to the YCP Kitchen.   This fee helps offset the cost of annual permit renewals, monthly utilities, regular pest control, security monitoring, equipment repairs and maintenance, cleaning service, cleaning chemicals and kitchen supplies.  

You also receive discounts on our Add-On Services and Space Rental in the Flex Entertaining Space 

It's Time To Cook


Kitchen Tours and Event Planning are By Appointment Only

We love new clients but please call and make an appointment to tour the facilities, Thank You 

Kitchen Hours are 24/7 and is Always Available

Open today

06:00 am – 06:00 am

Equipment List


Major Kitchen Equipment

2 Sets of Double Stack  Convection Ovens

2 - 6 Burner Stoves with Full Size Oven


6 Induction Burners

2 - 5ft. 2 Door Refrigerated Workbases

7 - 2 Door  Commercial Coolers

2 - 3 Door  Commercial Coolers

3 - 2 Door Commercial  Freezers

8 x 8 Walk-In Cooler

3 - 3- Compartment Sinks


Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine 

10" Berkel Slicer

Dual Tankless Hot Water Heaters

400 Lb. Ice Machine

7, 10 and 20 Quart Table Top Mixers

Other Kitchen Equipment

2- Cuisinart Food Processors

2 - Kitchen Aid Mixers with (new) Pasta Maker Attachment 

Commercial Immersion Blenders

Mobile and Stationary Speed Racks

Various Mobile Carts for Loading and Un-Loading (only)

Metro Racks for lots of Dry Storage Space

Kitchen Smallwares

We maintain a good inventory of:

Pots and Pans

1/2 and Full Size Sheet Pans

Full Size Hotel Pans - 2in. 4in. and 6in

Various 1/2, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/9 pans

Various Shapes and sizes of plastic Cambro's

Multiple Whisks, Spatulas, Spoons, Ladels and More

Different Shapes and Styles of Chef Knives

Mixing Bowls

Measuring Cups and Weighing Devices

Colanders, China Cap, Chinois

These Smallwares are to be used in the YCP Kitchen only.  If they disappear it will be at the sole discretion if YCP replaces these items. We recommend that you keep your smallwares in your storage area when not in use so they do not get mixed in with our equipment

Equipment Coming Soon !!

40 Quart Floor Mixer

Proofing  / Hotbox

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